Saturday, 18 October 2008

Destination, location

I have heard many pronouncements on bus announcements since the first came into being. Most people I know hate them. They can't bear the voice, buzzing in their ears to remind them what bus they are on, their destination and exact location. They can't, they say, 'forget the moment', lose themeselves in a book, paper or, increasingly, watch a DVD on a mini-player.

What surprises me about all of this is that I have always found it difficult to 'forget the moment' when in transit, especially on public vehicles. There is always a drama taking place; a child crying, an argument or burst of laughter to bring my drifting mind back to the present.

I actually welcome these destination, location announcements, being someone who is perennially lost. No more head-scratching, wondering if I am on the right bus. No more looking about frantically for a friendly stranger - who might not be available - to confirm location.

To those haters of bus announcements I say, fear not. In the course of time that voice will meld into the ordinary noise of life so that you can get on with your reading, knitting, whatever. And do spare a thought for us lost, puzzled, confused, non-confrontational people. We just want to reach our destinations.

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