Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Curious fashions

I’ve just seen a telly-clip about a natty little company start-up, making trendy cycling gear for wimmin.

Wimmin are image-conscious, said their spokesperson. They (the wimmin) do not want to look like men by wearing fluorescent jackets and helmets on the roads. Our fashions steer wimmin in the right direction.

Then, we were treated to a montage of all those trendy bits of gear; helmets, jackets, leggings, their predominant colour being pink. How curiously human, I thought. What proportion of the population do these mysterious wimmin make up, all universally slim and cute enough to do justice to that gear? And how come they are not afflicted by aching joints and other ailments, and are apparently unaffected by extremes of weather? Not only that, they are able to tackle ground rises and steep hills on their bikes and, most significant of all, they are fearless in the teeth of juggernauts and racing motor cars on overcrowded roads.

How I wish I could live in the land of wimmin, I thought, as the telly-clip drew to a close. If any one of you knows how to get there, please let me know.

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