Saturday, 20 April 2013

House of Cheese

Today’s Guardian (April 20, 2013) carries an interesting editorial, exploring the possibility of building a British, cheese-based economy. My first instinct was to dismiss it but looked at more closely, it is quite credible. Denmark built a bacon-based economy in the 1950s, and there is no reason why we can’t do it with cheese. There is so much already in place; the land, the rainfall, the herds, the people, and cheese districts like Stilton and Cheddar. What is more, our grazing pastures and herds of cattle cannot be salted off abroad. This is in contrast to the manufacturing sector where moneymaking enterprises are routinely carted to faraway places. Another plus is that agri-businesses can be distributed throughout Blighty in ways that compartmentalised sectors like finance cannot. Just think of young people flocking to courses in stock husbandry, dairy culture, nutrition, cheese cuisine, marketing, branding, advertising – OK. We got those already, but this would be marketing with a twist – a cheesy twist, you might say. And just think of the spin-offs; the mountains of crackers and biscuits, the olives and bottles of wine, the cheese tastings and fondue parties – we might even knock the Swiss off their mountain perch. So, how about milking this idea for all it is worth, leaders? My mouth is watering already…

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