Thursday, 30 October 2014

From ear to eternity....

In episode one of the current series, my eyes sought the honest, upright apparatus that was ever in the hall of the Apprentice house. At the sight of the circle, I thought I was dreaming – but no. The telephone format really has changed. Maybe the producers and crew had grown tired of the endless tide of phallic jibes that stemmed from the familiar model; it hardly matters. I just wish mine had been the imagination from which this piece of divine design has sprung. The new telephone is not only cool, but gives rise to a world of metaphors. The circle is a symbol of eternity, unity and integrity. When the phone rings (hah!) the silence – and the circle – is broken. We could go on and on about talking in circles and passing the news around, but… I wasn’t even sure how to google this product but finally, “cordless circular telephone” brought up a spate of links and images. Try Currys for one of these cool numbers - and brace yourself for the price.

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