Saturday, 24 January 2015

Je Suis Art Deco

Shining, gleaming, curved and creamy
Lean and clean and slender, dreamy
Lovely, modern, ship-shaped, steamy
Je suis art deco

Le style moderne est international
Uber chic and uber rational
Bauhaus bling is ever fashionable
Je suis art deco

A city decked in neon light
Sun by day and moon by night
Silver, chrome and grey and white
Je suis art deco

Cocktail bars and jazz and blues
Josephine with painted toes
Black and white and ties and bows
Je suis art deco

The ladies they all dress with care
Diamante bows and shoulders bare
Painted lips and marcelled hair
Elles sont art deco

Smoke rings in a crowded room
Tuxedoed chanteurs start to croon
A silhouette against the moon
Ils sont art deco

Glide across a Bakelite floor
See right through the porthole door
Keep on coming back for more
Je suis art deco

A monument to monochrome
Cooker, fridge and telephone
We love the gadgets that we own
Je suis art deco

Clarice Cliff and Eileen Grey
Merveilleux et enchanté
Day and night and night and day
We love art deco

Marble lido, swimming pool
Ultra chic and ultra cool
A fur bikini is the rule
Je suis art deco

Surfaces subdued and muted
Buildings stepped and glasses fluted
Cities planned and suburbs routed
Je suis art deco

Senate House and Modern, Tate
Chrysler Building, Empire State
Buildings small and buildings great
That was art deco

Bauhaus bling is now passé
Oh, la la, we’ll rue the day
Machine aesthetic went away
We miss art deco.

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