Friday, 21 August 2015

The Great Kitstallation: pulling the plug on Kitten Art

On first sight, the mind – and eye - boggle. The expanse of fur and checked cloth teases the retina while the finer details come slowly into focus: the exquisite kitten eyes and perfect, pink noses, the authentic felt patches that define the delicately-erect ears. The upturned, adoring and adorable faces add emotional appeal to the piece, while the bright blue and purple baubles about the neck of Mommy Kitten are a touch of vibrancy – and genius – against the more naturalistic background. Like all exotic objets, it hails from a faraway land; Portugal, to be exact. Measuring 15 x 13 x 9 cm, it is small – but they do say that the best goods come in tiny packages. Constructed of cloth and fur, the minute particles of plastic are added for visual variation. But the real appeal of this kitstallation lies in a control box placed discreetly behind the left kitten. Pull the plastic plug from the box and immediately, a distinct caterwauling will greet the ears of the connoisseur, a jingle-jangle, howling-yowling designed to stimulate the senses – and pave the way towards insanity. Believe me, kitten art does not get better than this; it’s so naff, it’s wonderful.

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