Saturday, 30 September 2017

Ode to the Beaten-Down Employee

The valued employee is encouraged to “think outside the box”
You are told to “know your place”
Their ideas are “original”
Your ideas are “ludicrous”
They are “creative”
You “lack discipline”
They “have talent”
You are “being awkward”
They are “delightfully eccentric”
You are “being difficult”
They are “honest”
You are “derisory”
They are “in earnest”
You are “just being cocky”
They are “motivated”
You are “fanatical”
They are “taking a break”
You are “idling”
They are “highly skilled”
You are “overly-qualified”
They are “passionate and committed”
You are “overly emotional”
They have “sound experience”
You “carry too much baggage”
They require “assistance and support”
You are “seeking to be spoon-fed”
They are “critical and constructive”
You are “being scathing”
They “communicate effectively”
You are “just being stroppy”
They are “taking an important standpoint”
You are “being stubborn”
They are “witty”
You are “sarcastic”
They have “earned their success”
You “just got lucky”
They are “on a well-deserved vacation”
You are “lazy and work-shy”
They are “a devoted employee, with a great career ahead”
You are….fired…doh!
(Agitation, adverbs, adjectives and graphics by me..)

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