Saturday, 21 December 2013

When Life is not a gift....

It's been said many times and in many ways but I'll say it again; rampant social inequality is a recipe for trouble. It goes like this. There are folks in this world with lots of stuff who need other folks to do stuff for them. By implication, the folks doing the stuff won't have as much stuff as the folks they do stuff for and will require stuff while doing it. Tell me, were the Grillo sisters supposed to wear Primark's best while working alongside their luminescent designer-dressed employer? Or to carry out their dutues jumping from one public transport shebang to another while their "betters" hovered along in chauffeur-driven ease? All in all, were the sisters supposed to aspire to the buttoned-down lifestyles of Cistercian nuns while all those around them worked and played with the gaiety and glamour of a Renaissance royal court? Yes, I know stealing is wrong but I also know that the recent non-incidental incident is a metaphor of the monumental social inequality of our times, in short, one of numerous situations that are bound to end in tears, trauma and trials. I really don't see a way through the situation for poor rich families who need folks to do stuff for them, apart from fishing for employees among the slightly less wealthy, folks seeking glamour and prestige by association rather than actual money? In short, why did the Saatchi-Lawson family not simply take on unpaid interns?

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