Friday, 10 January 2014

Let's celebrate the selfie...

Nowadays, the selfie is everywhere, on websites and on social media boards. From posturing politicians to singing school kids, to bored office workers, everyone is getting in on the act. With the pictures, come the words and in the past month, I have seen more socio-political analyses for the rise and rise of the selfie than at any other time. Some journos have even argued that it is a measure of how “selfish” we are all becoming. Now that I refute; what is wrong, I say, with recording the golden moments in one’s life with the aid of a simple digital camera, smartphone, whatever? Rembrandt recorded his changing face throughout his lifetime. What is the passport or ID card photo only a legal form of selfie? So, I say, ignore the po-faced moral pundits and snap away. For some new year cheer, have a good larf at one of my erstwhile snapping efforts. Happy 2014.

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