Sunday, 2 February 2014

Fashion Classics: Black Leggings...

Kingdoms rise and governments fall, winter turns to spring, to summer and to Fall, yet the black-legged silhouette goes on forever. What is it about this taut little garment that brings out the finer points of every woman, even those of us not possessed of an Elle Macpherson pair of pins? What convergence of science (optical physics, fabric technology, aesthetics?) created a garment that looks good with everything, from bulky winter jackets to filmy summer shifts, clown-bright jersey dresses to muted peasant smocks? And it’s oh, so-oooooo democratic, the little black dress of the twenty-first century. Right now, I am crowing with delight, having just gotten my mitts on two Esmara (aka Lidl) products, a pair of black leggings (£3.99) and a pair of black footless tights (£2.49). Visually, there is not much between them. Both garments score high on comfort and fit. However, the tights are finer in weave and will behave nicely under pinafores and dresses, while the sturdier leggings are like cosy, skin-tight trousers…aaah! I am nursing the reorder codes carefully.

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