Saturday, 26 April 2014

Welcome in the household fairy....

Every spring, the days grow longer, hotter, brighter, sunbeams stronger. Shine into your every room; grab the mop, seize the broom. Make your lodging clean and airy; welcome in the household fairy. Make your spaces fresh and sweet; shiny, sparkly, tidy, neat. Smudges, scuff marks, grease and grime have had their day, done their time. Don your finest gloves of rubber; start to rub and scrub and shudder. At the muck, the dirt, the fallout; fill the basin, wash it all out. Over the surface you must go; up and down and to and fro. First you spray, then you scrub; wash and polish, rinse and rub. Up the walls and down the stairs, over the cupboard, under the chairs. Clean the windows, dust the ledges, don’t neglect the mouldy edges. When it’s finished, you can feel smug; gleaming brasses, straightened rug. Open the door to your neighbours; see their jaws drop at your labours.

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