Monday, 20 June 2016

Midsummer Magic with Fairy Dust

It is but a year since I discovered Fairy Dust nightwear – how appropriate for midsummer – a confection of gossamer-fine embroidered cotton, pin tucked and trimmed with satin ribbon and lace. My nightie is so magical, I feel out of this world when I wear it. Now that the globe has spun around again, inspiration has struck in this
Paean to Midsummer
All winter long for this we’ve waited
Now our appetites are sated
Trees are clad in summer dress
Grass is green and soft and fresh
Days are long and hot and bright
Meadow flowers are jewel bright
At length, the sun, she tires and sinks
The moon rises, the north star winks
Magical midsummer night is nigh
Let’s to the wood where fairies fly
Spirits of the earth and air
Fire and water linger there
Through the moonlight and the shade
Walk until you find a glade
With reeds and bush and pretty flower
It doth make a splendid bower
Lie down, be still and feign to sleep
And if into the grass you peep
With faithful mind and sincere eyes
The sight will fill you with surprise
Tiny, pretty, winged and sparkly
Mischievous and enchanting darkly
A fairy being you will behold
But be careful; truth be told
Cobweb, moth or mustard seed
To raise their ire, you do not need
As spells can bad as good may be
You’re advised contentedly
To watch the fairy ballet play
Till sunrise herald the break of day
The fairies vanish in the light
They sleep by day and dance by night
Tis’ opposite to man, I know
But that’s the way the sprite doth go
When fairies vanish you’ll feel sad
And wonder if a dream you had
Do not be down, do not fear
Though unseen, the sprites are near
And if to see again you must
Don your nightwear by Fairy Dust ®.

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