Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ecco Fara

Ecco Fara – no; it’s not the name of an exotic dessert or that of a Narcissus – defying nymph, but the make and model of a walking shoe for women. – and do they look good!
Made in black, shadow white, moon grey and petal pink, Fara has white laces and white soles while the stitching and perforations on the uppers add that indefinable Ecco touch. Ecco Fara has every hi-tech foot feature that you can imagine; ridged soles for perfect ground grip, raised insteps and interior heel padding for comfortable walking. The shoes are sleek and streamlined with no fobs, fancies or silly-frilly hanging bits designed to trip your light fantastic in every direction. What you get for your money – around £80 - is a pair of high-quality shoes to see you through urban treks, country walks and beachside picnics. To date, my EFs have not chafed, pinched, cramped, hobbled or crippled. So, ladies who value their plates of meat and want to lead an active summer, get on down to your nearest Ecco stockist and look for Fara..

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