Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Dancing with Delight in....Charleston!

Just recently, three friends and I had a glorious day in the Sussex countryside. Among the delights we witnessed were a cow and her new-born calf in a farmer’s field. As an afterthought, we visited Charleston, the cottage purchased by those foremost scions of the Bloomsbury Group, Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, in the early 1900's. Over time, the couple placed their personal stamp on the cottage interior by decorating it in the Bloomsbury style, painting abstract and floral patterns on walls and across fireplaces, and upholstering fabrics in their own printed fabrics. Novel features include the use of painted, upturned kitchen colanders as light shades in the different rooms of the house. An entrance fee is payable and alas, photography of the interior is not permitted. However, the adjoining garden is open to the public, and is filled with plants and sculptural surprises. I do recommend going to Charleston.

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