Monday, 17 July 2017

Relaxing into grrrrreatness: the wonderful everyday lion....!

Have you seen the latest IKEA advertisement? It features - OMG - a great, big cuddly lion, golden and fluffy and spouting such profoundities as "just waiting for the right moment" and "relax into greatness", in addition to explaining why relaxing more than eighteen hours a day is not lazy. Now, there's an animal I can identify with, the glorious cat family reminding us that the best folk achieve most with the least apparent effort. After all, it was a bunch of bankers working around the clock that crashed the world economy and so much to-and-froing that pollutes the earth and the oceans. Yet, the glamorous lion reclines hours a day (or more) and still manages to be king of the beasts - I call that grrrreat! No wonder the "wonderful everyday" has chosen Leo as their icon. Watch this space for images of my shiny, new Billys, with all my junk in place, when I finally get organised. Right now, I am all set for my summer slumber....zzzz....

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